Earn Money as an Affiliate

Affiliate Quick Start

Busy?  Don’t have time to sign up and create a detailed affiliate profile in our dedicated affiliates training site?   Then  here’s a simple way to get a quick start.

Add the text I”m about to give you to the end of any of our site links and when someone you refer with that link purchases 2 things will happen.   First you’ll formally be registered and added to our affiliate program AND second, you’ll receive credit for the sale!

Add this to the end of any of our sites page URL’s:    ?r=username

You can use any page link on any of our sites.  For example if my email address is “me@mymail.com” I could use links like:

  • https://wpblogsupport.com?r=username
  • https://learn.wpblogsupport.com/?r=username

If a purchase is made by someone using your link you’ll automatically be enrolled in the formal Affiliate Program which includes Affiliate training, email copy, and graphics you can use to promote our WordPress products and services.   It’s up to you of course,  But you’re covered either way!

Affiliate Program Details


Earn a Referral Commission – Give Away Free WordPress Training

Earning money as an affiliate is easy!  We do the work, you earn cash..   We have conversion around 1 :50 (depending on actual promotion or season),  which means that one in every 50 visitors buys something from one of the sites you refer visitors to.


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