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What if I told you that for the very first time a single one time purchase would give you instant access to the exact same Blog Marketing  Blueprint the most Bloggers use to:

  • Earn Recurring Revenues While They Sleep.
  • Enroll Convert An Overabundance of Targeted Traffic into Hot Prospects and Repeat Customers
  • Build Jam Packed Library’s Of Money Making Digital Assets, Products and Services
  • Automatically Create High Profit Membership Sites
  • Have The Entire System Run Itself So They Can Spend More Time Doing What They Want

We’ve put all the pieces together and now the WordPress Blog Marketing Blueprint available to the Public  –  And Your Can Get Lifetime Access Today for Just $997 By Clicking Here.

If you’re wondering…   

That’s Me and My Mom … on the cover of the Blogging Secrets book I authored in 2001!    The Workshops, Courses and Webinars you’ll find inside as a member share all the strategies, process and tactics I’ve used as I grew my very own successful online WordPress powered business and personal network of 100 web sites.

Discover The Blog Marketing System That Brings Everything You Need Together And Removes All Of The Frustrating and Cumbersome Technical Headaches!

Ok, How Can I Build My Business and Start Earning Money With A WordPress Blog? courses and workshops teach you how to build your own start Blogging For Profit with the detailed instructions, information, tools, personal support, software and resources  that allow you to market, sell and even deliver your products and services online.

It’s designed specifically for:

  • Small Business Owners
  • A Professional That Sell Services
  • Experts, Authors and Independent Professionals
  • Coaches, Consultants, Trainers and Speakers
  • Entrepreneurs With Small/Home Based Businesses

Special Note: You Should Already Be Blogging.  The membership is best suited for bloggers that want to GROW their Blog and Income – NOT START A BLOG (if you’re a newbie and just want to get started select the free “Setup A Blog” Course first)

You don’t have to be a superstar blogger to get started with us.. but we want you to start earning some money online with your Blogging Efforts!

WPGrow WordPress Marketing Blueprint Includes Everything You Need In One Single Place To…

Get Started Blogging For Profit The Right Way

  • Learn How to Build a “Hub and Spoke” Business that will leave you free to do business how you want and when you want!
  • Discover The Real Reason You Should Be Using Keywords – You’ll get the truth about “niche marketing”, “theme marketing”, “throw away web sites” and “Adsense NonSense”.
  • Learn what’s important upfront and you don’t need to worry about “learning from costly mistakes” later.
  • Get New Customers – More Commissions. It doesn’t matter if you have a product/service of your own. You’ll learn how to “Hub and Spoke” your way to a successful Internet business even if you starting without your own product to promote.
  • Magnetically Attract The Right High Level Partners. Get ready for a slew of highly qualified publicity with endorsement requests, media interviews, and marketing invitations.

Force Search Engines To Shower Your Blog With Free Traffic

  • Learn Optimized Blog Marketing and Social Media Traffic Tactics.  Learn how to use simple strategies like, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Podcasting.  Before you know it you’ll have Instant Google Rankings, Instant Friends, Followers, and the traffic your sites deserve.
  • Learn The Secret “Site Mesh TM” Formula. Power your Google page rank higher and enjoy the benefits proper “Search Engine Optimization” brings.  Get this part right and you site will act like a powerful magnet to iron filings!
  • Learn “White Hat” Search Engine Optimization. Never suffer from banned sites when you use these quick easy and techniques that catapult your rankings higher.
  • Use Simple Direct Response Landing and Sales Pages . Turn your personal network of sites into a web of compelling content for every search engine and spike your traffic and rankings through the roof.

Curate, Create, Distribute and Publish Your Own Online Content

  • Apply The Fastest Content Creation Strategy. Us this simple technique and you’ll generate so much high value content – your biggest challenge will be deciding which one you want to publish!
  • Become and Author Without Writing. Discover what I learned about turning out ‘ready to sell’ course in only minutes without writing a single word.
  • Get Big Returns On Your Time Invested. Simple elements added to all of your courses show you how to create a “a multiple passive recurring product revenue stream“.
  • Unlock The Keys to Multimedia For Blog Marketers Find our how to create your own inexpensive private studio.  I’ll even show you how to broadcast your very own TV or Radio Station with FREE software! Duplicate yourself and create an avalanche of repeat and new sales from every product you create.

Start Crafting and Publishing Compelling Products

  • Sell More Services And Products, Online And Offline. Your content marketing dramatically increases your credibility, making it real easy to sell ANY product or service you promote, including those of others in which you have a stake.
  • Become Established As An Expert In Any Field. Attract significantly more and better-qualified clients who are willing and able to buy from you.
  • Build A Loyal FAN Base. Create rabid promoters who are ready to hire you, buy from you and create more fans for you. They will literally build your business or practice FOR you!
  • Use Blog Subscription Secrets. This tip is revolutionizing permission marketing. It’s a simple Idea that changed the way I looked at subscriber “opt-ins”. I’m so pumped about this one that I even have a new piece of software being created to cash in on it.
  • Enjoy The Privileges Of Being A Recognized Publisher. Before you know it you’ll find other great writers asking to work for you, advertisers begging for favorable mentions in exposure in your publication, and complimentary invites to industry conferences and events.

Learn Hub and Spoke Email Marketing And List Building Secrets

  • Use Very Powerful “Inside Pressure” Techniques.  Used ethically, you’ll almost guarantee yourself a  minimum number of prospects that want to leave your list. Visitors are compelled  to act on your offers.
  • Apply Neglected Offline Tactics. These free or low cost tactics can be used by anyone to drive even more potential subscribers to any website.
  • Discover Why WordPress Blueprint Marketers Have Such Large Qualified Email Lists. Oddly enough, if you ONLY use the first of 7 keys I teach you’ll be so far ahead of your competition, it will make your head spin.
  • Learn How To Train Your List! Understand this and you’ll realize that most marketers are training their list by giving away freebies….the worst thing you can do. Quit tripping yourself up and learn how to condition your email list for your success.

Seduce The Mind and Expand Your Wallet (Or Purse)

  • Seduce the Mind. Learn the 10 Key Psychological ingredients that drive human behaviors and how to include them in any web site.
  • Discover The Real Secret To 3rd Party Proof. And I’m not talking about jamming you pages with fluffy testimonials. I’ll show you how to leverage a Psychological Truth to explode the number of sales you get from any page.
  • Find Out How To Overcome Stalls and Sales Objections Before Your Prospects Visit Your Web Site. This one section will shock you when you realize what top marketers aren’t telling you about their sales pages.
  • Learn The Five Unasked Questions Every Visitor Has When They Visit Your Site. Learn how to answer these questions of the subconscious and you’ll convert a majority of your prospects!

Generate Passive and Recurring Income Streams

  • Learn Bundling and Pricing Secrets. Learn a simple process that earns passive and recurring revenue for you and you affiliates with your own WordPress   Powered business.
  • Start Converting Traffic into Hot Prospects and Repeat Customers because you’ve learned the right way to build trust, inform and educate online with “Sales Page Secrets”.
  • Build A Complete Library Of Money Making Digital Assets and Services – that earn passive and recurring revenue for you and your affiliates with “single take” Multimedia.
  • Completely Automate Your Business – So you can spend 20% of your time working and 80% playing.

Not Your Typical Membership Site!

The typical membership site contains a collection of articles downloaded  from a public article directory and a sparsely used discussion board.  More advanced sites might include a string of old and tired e-books and a case study or two.  If you’re thinking that’s the case with the Site – IT ISN’T!

There isn’t any BIG BORING Text Book!   We teach with Blended Adult Learning tools!

Online Courses videos are broken down into small chunks or segments and the lessons are presented in a Virtual Classroom format, which means you can literally join the instructor in front of a whiteboard at a seminar that you watch on your computer.

It’s exactly the same as being in the room.

You have complete access to any portion of a course or the entire course. You can revisit and watch only the pieces that you need when you need them.  You can attend any class when ever you want.

The classroom and the training is available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week!

You don’t need any special equipment, just a standard web browser with speakers.

Take The Quiz – Pass The Test – GET CERTIFIED!

The Services And Membership Software That we’ve Used To Organize All Of This Information Ensures that You’ll Actually Learn What and How To Make Your Business Successful – Warning: Lessons and Courses require you to Pass appropriate quizzes before you’ll be certified! In fact I’m betting this will challenge the way you look at learning how to grow your business.

You won’t find a sparsely used, or hype invested, drivel laden excuse for valuable content here.  Watch, Listen Learn and Get Certified.

Members Get Instant Access To:

    1. New Courses and Course Lessons Every Month: –  Immediate Access To Over 1000 Individual tutorials
    2. Weekly Online AMA Webinars: – Join in and get answers to your questions during our “Ask Me Anything” webinars
    3. WordPress Marketing Themes and Plugins: –  Reviews and Downloads
    4. MindMaps and Checklists: – Every course contains a dedicated mindmap and checklist
    5. Blogging Forms and Templates: – Download and Copy our Business Templates
    6. Blogging Secrets Podcasts: –  We also interview marketers, publishers, authors and website owners with big traffic asking their thoughts on how to better drive traffic
    7. New Lessons: – Want to know about new stuff like Social Media SEO tips? How About the best payment gateway to use?  We’ve got a lesson for that.
    8. Blog Marketing Blueprint Workshop Recordings: – It’s the next best thing to being there!
    9. Exclusive Community: – We’ve put together a private area where members can ask questions, help each other and grow together.

Why Join?

Something completely different.

Speed Up Your Business Growth as part of the Community.   Make yourself accountable with the online courses and the members you meet.

A Powerful Blog Marketing Blueprint. Interact throughout the site will lessons and quizzes, brainstorm and attend live classes to clarify and extend every video tutorial.  You’re now longer limited to a cramped and moderated forum.  Every article, every video, every tidbit inside the site is open for comment.  Want an different example or have question about using a idea in your unique situation?

Keep Track of What Lessons You’ve Completed and Which Courses You’ve Been Certified As Complete.

Better still, attend a live online class.  You’ll be able to get and give real feedback with others who are in the same situation as you.  Interaction is 100% welcome, encouraged and supported. It’s real time and up-to-date.

Ever had a marketing problem that you couldn’t find the answer for – no matter how hard you looked?  Now you’ll never be stranded again. As a member you get direct access to the course leader each week.

We’re available to answer your specific questions, you’ll finally get  the answers you need to move forward. Market Smart!  Take care of you business by automating as much as possible so can make more money by working less.

Consider this as well, We’ve included detailed videos that show you exactly how to use the every aspect of the tools you need to succeed.

Support and answers to all your hardest questions are always just one click away.

Learn While You Work!  Are PodCasts Series Topics Include:

  • Getting  Started
  • Building Your Campus
  • Course Creation
  • Course Delivery Models
  • Pricing and Packaging Your Courses
  • Self Development

This is a form of passive learning that contains entertaining Internet Marketing And Self Development information packaged in a way that you’ll learn without trying.

Real Interviews With Real Marketers

We interview other experts – there’s no faster way to learn something than by learning from someone who has actually done it. So we regularly interview an expert.  Not just anyone.

I’m talking “REAL” marketers, business owners who are making it happen.  You won’t be disappointed with old case studies where they a “one-trick pony” tells you how they did something years ago.  I interview people making a living online, real interviews, the same type that I did when I was broadcasting on the public station.

I’m looking for real meat, jealously guarded secrets and the stuff that really make these marketers tick. No pitching!  Just marketing strategies that you can use today!

Lifetime Access To All Courses and Online Webinars – $997

Starting now will mean the difference between frustration and an online business that costs you money or one that gives you the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of..

Since you’re still reading this, I’m going to assume your considering joining.  But thinking about getting started isn’t quite enough.  —  Now is the time to act..

“WP Grow” provide you with an easy to follow process and teaches you exactly how to get your piece of the pie!

Mark my words. If you do no act now, you may well ask yourself a couple of weeks from now, “What if I had listened and got started as a member?  What could have happened to my bank account by now? How much more money would I have earned since then?  Did I make a mistake?  Should I have just done it?”

If you’ve read this far I’m assuming that you’re still interested in becoming a member.  But considering isn’t enough to get all the benefits that all this great information can bring to your business.

You have to take the next step and get started – today!

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