WordPress Tutorials

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Learn WordPress!

Step-by-Step WordPress Courses Reveal How to Start a Blog and Be Selling Online In Less Than a Day …

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Don’t Worry!  We’ve got you covered even if YOU’RE pressed for time, hate technology, and have no idea how get started!

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Watch Step-by-Step Video Tutorials – Learn WordPress

Each WordPress Tutorial is always up to date covering the latest versions.   Learn WordPress today in under 60 minutes – we’ll even install your WordPress Blog for you if you’re stuck.  Watch the advanced courses covering all the best WordPress Plugins and Themes to customize your WordPress site the way you want!

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The Fastest Way To Learn WordPress AND The Best WordPress Plugins and Themes!

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It’s Never  Been Easier To Start A Blog!

You Can Be Making Your First Post In About 10 Minutes 

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The 50 Best WordPress Plugins Revealed – Tested and Reviewed!

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Got Questions?  Join the Campus and talk directly to our WordPress Experts during our call-in coaching and weekly webinars!



Install and Setup Your WordPress Blog The Right Way!



Customize Your Blog To Look and Do What You Want!



Learn How add Ecommerce to WordPress and Sell Online


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Weekly WordPress Training & Live Coaching!

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[grid_one_half title=”Build Your Email List” img=”https://wphomeroom.com/wp-content/themes/squared/images/templates/rocket.png” size=”small”]Add Autoresponder Forms and Lead Capture Pages To Your Site[/grid_one_half][grid_one_half_last title=”Leverage Social Networks” img=”https://wphomeroom.com/wp-content/themes/squared/images/templates/packman.png” size=”small”]Connect Your WordPress Blog and Automatically Post To Social Networks[/grid_one_half_last]

[grid_one_half title=”Build Your Brand” img=”https://wphomeroom.com/wp-content/themes/squared/images/templates/open-letter.png” size=”small”]Add New Blogging Tools To Build Your Authority and Reputation in your Market[/grid_one_half][grid_one_half_last title=”Generate More Traffic” img=”https://wphomeroom.com/wp-content/themes/squared/images/templates/icon2b.png” size=”small”]Rankings With SEO Optimized Posts and Pages[/grid_one_half_last]

[grid_one_half title=”Post Compelling Content” img=”https://wphomeroom.com/wp-content/themes/squared/images/templates/icon1b.png” size=”small”]Create and Publish SEO Optimized Content on a Scheduled Basis[/grid_one_half][grid_one_half_last title=”Make Your Sites Mobile Ready” img=”https://wphomeroom.com/wp-content/themes/squared/images/templates/map-2.png” size=”small”]Add Graphics and Themes So Your Site is Mobile Ready[/grid_one_half_last]

[grid_one_half title=”Convert More Visitors” img=”https://wphomeroom.com/wp-content/themes/squared/images/templates/cloud-refresh.png” size=”small”]Optimize Your Sales Funnel and Create Compelling Sales Pages and Product Offers[/grid_one_half][grid_one_half_last title=”Take Payments Online” img=”https://wphomeroom.com/wp-content/themes/squared/images/templates/store.png” size=”small”]Make Product Sales and Create Recurring Income Membership Sites with eCommerce[/grid_one_half_last]

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Our Online WordPress Training Students Say

Don’t just take it from us!

[one_third_first][thrive_testimonial name=”Joe Vitale” company=”Mr. Fire” image=”https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/513z+TeZxnL._UX250_.jpg”]I was stunned. I was again reminded of how little I know about WordPress marketing. James is a WordPress Blogging Master— His Blogging Secrets are a real eye-opener.[/thrive_testimonial]

[one_third][thrive_testimonial name=”David Frey” company=”Marketing Best Practices” image=”https://wphomeroom.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/david-frey.png”]Hi, my name is David Frey and I’m the author of the Small Business Marketing Bible. I don’t usually endorse other people’s products, but in this case I’m making an exception because James has created a very unique program that I think every internet marketer should consider… [/thrive_testimonial]

[one_third_last][thrive_testimonial name=”Steve Rosenbaum” company=”Author – Back End Blueprint” image=”https://wphomeroom.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/steve-rosenbaum.png”]Having Your Team Managing All My Sites Behind The Scenes Gives Me the Time and Confidence and Freedom To Spend Time Building My Business and Making Sales.[/thrive_testimonial][/one_third_last]

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Browse the Library of WordPress Video Training Courses

[thrive_link color=”dark” link=”/free/” target=”_self” size=”medium” align=”aligncenter”]Enroll Free Today and Look At All The Courses[/thrive_link]

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[thrive_accordion_group title=”FAQ”][thrive_accordion title=”Can I Get Access To All of the Courses with a Campus Pass?” no=”1/13″ default=”yes”]Sure!  While everything is included in a Campus Pass.   You’ll get instant access to hundreds of “Bite Sized” Over the Shoulder Videos the moment you enroll. After you’ve logged in visit the top menu for a full listing of all the available courses.   We’ve also included Checklists and MindMaps that  you can print out and use to supplement our complete library of WordPress Blogging and Blog Marketing courses.[/thrive_accordion][thrive_accordion title=”Do I Have To Pay When I Enroll?” no=”2/13″ default=”no”] It’s FREE to start learning WordPress.  You’ll get 30 days to Learn WordPress and even if you decide to leave you’ll always have access to the Learn WordPress course and videos.  Active enrolled students, also have access to our live WordPress Training and Ask Me Anything Calls.[/thrive_accordion][thrive_accordion title=”Can I Take Courses 1 At A Time?” no=”3/13″ default=”no”]Of course you can take any of the courses you want when you need them.  You are free to take courses when you want at your own pace.[/thrive_accordion][thrive_accordion title=”Do I Get Course Updates?” no=”4/13″ default=”no”] Yes, anytime we upgrade a course you’ve purchased you get access to it. When you log in you always have access to the most current version of the course and “ALL” associated materials, like workbooks, checklists and certifications.[/thrive_accordion][thrive_accordion title=”Can You Do What’s In The Courses For Me?” no=”5/13″ default=”no”] Yes if you just don’t have time to Master WordPress and would like us to take care of your WordPress Powered Business make sure to check out https://wpblogsupport.com.[/thrive_accordion]
[thrive_accordion title=”I Want to Build A Regular Web Site Can I use WordPress?” no=”6/13″ default=”no”] Yes, WordPress supports both traditional style static web pages as well as blog posts. Watch the courses to learn how to build a site made up of only pages, only a blog, or both![/thrive_accordion]
[thrive_accordion title=”How Often Are Tutorials Added?” no=”7/13″ default=”no”] Every Day!  You’ll have new WordPress tutorials to learn from each day![/thrive_accordion]
[thrive_accordion title=”Can Only One Person Watch With My Login?” no=”8/13″ default=”no”]Yes only one person at a time can login with your Username and Password. We have to do this in order to track completion of assignments, quizzes and certification for the core courses.[/thrive_accordion]
[thrive_accordion title=”I Want To Download The Videos – Can I?” no=”9/13″ default=”no”] The WPhomeroom WordPress courses, lessons and tutorials are only available when you are logged into this site.[/thrive_accordion]
[thrive_accordion title=”I Don’t have WordPress Hosting or a Domain Name Yet… What Should I do?” no=”10/13″ default=”no”]Domain names and Blog Hosting can be purchased separately. We highly recommend “Managed WordPress Hosting” which you can get from a number of reputable vendors. The best Managed WordPress Host we know is US 🙂 Visit https://wpblogsupport.com for details.[/thrive_accordion]
[thrive_accordion title=”I don’t see the a Course covering the Plugin that I’m Trying To Learn?” no=”11/13″ default=”no”]Great! – Just open a support ticket requesting the a course/videos be done that Cover the Specific WordPress Plugin or WordPress Theme you’re trying to learn.[/thrive_accordion]
[thrive_accordion title=”I Know other Bloggers that should see these video courses. Do you have an affiliate program?” no=”12/13″ default=”no”] Yes we do, when you’re logged in visit your profile page and you’ll see your personal affiliate link. Sent this link to your referrals and earn a commission on any signups.[/thrive_accordion]
[thrive_accordion title=”I watched the videos but still need help?” no=”13/13″default=”no”]If you’re stuck and need help, you can pay for the Live Help membership or let us do the work – https://wpblogsupport.com .[/thrive_accordion]

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